Treatments Available

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We are able to offer you a comprehensive range of treatments using the latest materials and procedures to ensure pain-free dentistry of the highest standard. As you would expect, our team also take every precaution with sterilisation.

Dental Hygiene

Scaling and polishing

This is more commonly known as ‘cleaning’. The hygienist and/or the dentist will remove plaque, stains and tartar on your teeth from smoking, coffee, tea and alcohol. This will help keep your gums healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Appearance is of crucial importance to most of our patients and good dental aesthetics can do a great deal to enhance well-being and confidence. Cosmetic treatments such as crowns, bridges and veneers are just several of the applications we can use to improve your dental appearance.
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White teeth are often seen as healthy-looking, attractive teeth. There are many forms of teeth whitening available, but bleaching is by far one of the most popular and effective.
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White Fillings

White fillings, in both front and back teeth, help to disguise the appearance of dental fillings by blending in with the natural colour of your teeth.
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Treatment Charges

Our standard procedure is to pay a deposit on the initial visit and simply make further payments as the treatment progresses. Payments must be completed by the last visit. Please remember that a charge will be made for loss of surgery time on missed appointments or cancellations without 24 hours notice.

Practice Hours

Closed for LUNCH daily from 1pm - 2pm.

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We accept the following major debit and credit cards.

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