White Fillings

What are they?

White fillings are made from composite resin that is bonded to the tooth. They come in various shades to match your natural tooth colour.

How are they made?

The tooth is prepared in a similar way to a normal filling. An injection is given to numb the tooth, the decay is removed and the white filling is placed in the tooth in a series of steps.

  1. The dentist will choose a shade of composite that best matches the natural colour of the tooth to be filled
  2. The composite is placed into the cavity
  3. The composite is shaped to look like a normal part of your tooth
  4. The composite is then hardened using a blue light
  5. The dentist will adjust the height of the filling
  6. You will be able to eat as soon as the anaesthetic has worn off

How long does the treatment take?

A filling will take between 15 and 30 minutes.


The fillings look like natural tooth structure. Less tooth structure is removed to place the filling, making white fillings ideal for small cavities (holes). The filling is bonded to your tooth thereby strengthening it.


White fillings can cause greater sensitivity than amalgam (silver coloured) fillings. The sensitivity is usually to cold substances e.g. an ice cream or cold drink. This can last for up to 3 months after the placement of the filling. White fillings may not last as long as amalgam fillings.


Not all teeth or cavities (holes caused by tooth decay) are suitable for white fillings. Large cavities are more likely to result in sensitivity, are prone to leakage and will have shorter life spans. It is best to discuss the suitability of the white fillings with your dentist.

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