Bleaching is the most effective way of making your teeth whiter, or a lighter shade. It will have the effect of making your teeth look cleaner.

How is it done?

The safest and easiest way of bleaching your teeth is with 2 ‘trays’ filled with bleaching gel at night in your mouth. These ‘trays’ are moulds which are made by a laboratory from impressions taken by the dentist to fit your teeth exactly. The gel is provided by the dentist for you to use.

How long is the treatment?

At the first appointment the dentist will make the impressions of your upper and lower jaws. This is a painless procedure. The impressions will then be disinfected and sent to the laboratory. At the second appointment a week later, the trays are tried in your mouth by the dentist to check the fit. You will be shown how to use them and the gel to whiten the appearance of your teeth.

Are there any side effects?

Bleaching normally works very effectively and for most people it is reckoned that the shade of their teeth colour will be two shades lighter at the end of the treatment. However, everyone’s teeth are different, and each patient’s lifestyle differs, so there are no guarantees made as to the improvement of the shade. After two weeks of bleaching you should notice a significant improvement in shade.

The only common side effect is that your teeth may become more sensitive. This will usually disappear with the use of toothpaste for sensitive teeth and you may need to use the gel only every other night or possibly less frequently. Any other effect should be reported to your dentist immediately.

How long will it last?

Bleaching does not last forever. Normal living conditions will begin to discolour your teeth again and you may need to repeat the process every now and again (approximately two to five year intervals).\

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